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Economic Development Notes

The update on the Ag Valley Project and the hiring of an Administrative Coordinator were items for the Norton City County Economic Development Board last night.  The rail funding for the Ag Valley Project is finished.  The architects, Schwab Eaton are working on the final plans for the roads to the facility and Central States will be getting the funding in line.  The project will cost from 1.6 to 2.1 million dollars.

Once the funding is finalized, then the project can start.  They estimate taking about a year before it is finished.

Also, the board approved a contract with Elements of Massage to rent the incubator space, the former Chamber Building.  There will be a Norton county resident that will be in charge of it.

The Elements of Massage has another space in Hays and is looking to expand.  They hope to open February 1st.  The rest of the money received from Monsanto will be used for the project and Elements of Massage are also providing funding for some upgrades.

The board approved hiring Verla Grysch as the full time Administrative Coordinator.  The board put the money in the budget for a full time person and Grysch was interested.  The 6-month probation period for her was waived.  Schwab Eaton is working on plans for a downtown streetscape and the board discussed the economic development’s role in that project.  Economic development will provide help to find funding for the project.

Deines Construction is still working on the former doctors’ clinic for the CCC Norton Campus.  They anticipated using this project for inside winter work, but the weather has been so nice, they have other projects to work on as well that are outside.  But they will be working on this one as well.  The board also received the E-Community Award agreement for review.  The next meeting of the Norton City County Economic Development board will be Tuesday, February 14th at 5:30 in the office at 205 South State.  All meetings are open to the public.

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