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Changes Coming To The Norton Farmer’s Market

August 6, 2013 – Norton, Kansas – The 2013 Norton Farmer’s Market announces an updated 2013 season, intended to increase sales and sustainability within the Market.

Time and Place

The Farmer’s Market is now located on Highway 36 across from Shopko. The location was chosen because Highway 36 carries 80% of Norton’s thoroughfare traffic. The park area by the highway caters to the needs of both customers and vendors, with a small parking lot, vendor parking, trees, gazebo and bathrooms. The park provides a space where vendors can set up next to each other, allowing customers to compare prices and products easily.

While the Market used to be held on Thursday mornings, it is now held on Saturday mornings at 8 am to allow vendors with a normal work week to participate. It will also encourage communities in a 90 mile radius to attend – and, hopefully, take full advantage of the shopping, dining and activities that Norton has to offer.

Fees and Advertising

The Farmer’s Market is now charging stall fees: $5 per Saturday or $25 for the whole season. These fees pay for advertising, another effort to increase foot traffic and make the Market profitable. The Farmer’s Market also received $1000.00 from the Norton Arts and Tourism Council, which was used for a new sign, and additional advertising.

“The Farmer’s Market is a very simple and very effective organization for Norton area farmers and gardeners to sell the goods, and for customers to get high-quality, local produce,” says Tara Vance, Executive Director of the Norton Area Chamber of Commerce. “It’s a win-win situation for our community, and we hope to continue to help the Farmer’s Market grow and thrive.”

For more information, contact Vance at 785-877-2501 or email [email protected]; or Market Manager Robin Somers at 785-874-8787 or email [email protected].