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School Board Special Meeting Agenda


the USD 211 Norton Board of Education will host a special meeting tonight.  The Board will be discussing projects found during the audit by 360 energy.  They were asked to rank the projects listed and will also discuss additional projects.  The board will also consider the approval of the plans so the district can comply with the requirements set by ... Read More »

School Board Agenda


The audit report and the staff appreciation event will be items for the USD 211 Norton Board of Education tonight.  The board will receive the presentation of the financial audit for the 2009-10 budget year.  They will also consider the summer school program for the eisenhower school that was presented at the last meeting.  They are proposing to split up the ... Read More »

School Board Notes


School Board Notes  The energy audit and the capital outlay projects were items for the USD 211 Norton board of education last night. Joe Hurla of 360 energy solutions presented the findings of the preliminary energy audit for the norton district.  he met last week with four of the board members to go over the specifics.  last night he talked about the ... Read More »