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KQNK Is Your Home For Norton Bluejay Athletics


Classic Hits KQNK is your world-wide broadcast home for Norton Bluejay Athletics! Catch the complete KQNK broadcast schedule below, as we deliver play by play action this winter for Norton High School basketball and wrestling! Every game on KQNK is simulcast over the internet, right here on KQNK.com. Tune in all season long for great Norton Bluejay Athletics! On the go? download ... Read More »

NCHS Forensics Team 3A State Champions


3A State Championship 2014 Team Results: 1st Norton – 399 2nd St. George – Rock Creek – 348 3rd Minneapolis – 280 Jared Shelton – State Champion – Serious Solo Neysa Carlson – 2nd Poetry Neysa Carlson – 2nd Humorous Solo Acting Jared Shelton/Shelby Mulford – 2nd Serious Duet Acting Ashley Hildebrand/Skylar Davis – 3rd Serious Duet Acting Landon Slipke/Lauren ... Read More »

Norton County Resident Dianne Davis Recieves Award From Girl Scouts Of Kansas


Girl Scouts Honor Dedicated Volunteers Norton resident receives special honor   WICHITA – A Norton resident has been recognized with a special award from the Girl Scouts of Kansas Heartland for her extraordinary service as a volunteer.   Dianne Davis of Norton received an Appreciation Pin for providing excellent service in delivering the Girl Scout mission but also for helping ... Read More »

Forensics Continue Winning Ways at Minneapolis


Team Results:
1st Norton – 141
2nd Southeast of Saline – 106
3rd Lincoln – 105

Individual Results:
Landon Slipke/Lauren Mordecai – 1st Duet (State Qualifier)
Landon Slipke – 1st Informative (State Qualifier)
Brionnah Fessler – 1st Oration (State Qualifier)
Lauren Mordecai – 1st Serious Solo (State Qualifier)
Layton Miller/Tyus Henson – 1st I.D.A (State Qualifier)
Tyus Henson – 1st Humorous Solo (State Qualifier)
Ty Burns – 2nd Poetry (New State Qualifier)
Jared Shelton – 2nd Serious Solo (State Qualifier)
Raenee Patterson – 2nd Informative (State Qualifier)
Raenee Patterson – 2nd Oration (State Qualifier)
Ashley Hildebrand/Skylar Davis – 4th Duet
Shauna Gibson – 4th Serious Solo
Layton Miller – 4th Humorous Solo
Brian Clavijo – 5th Serious Solo
Jared Shelton – 6th Prose
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Forensics Team Competes at Phillipsburg


Phillipsburg Forensics Tournament
Team Places: 
1st – Quinter 249
2nd – Norton 248
3rd – Colby 116

Individual Placers:
Ashley Hildebrand – 1st Prose (State Qualifier)
Leif Carlson – 1st Extemporaneous (State Qualifier)
Steve Cummings – 1st Poetry (State Qualifier)
Cody O’Hare/Rachel Jones – 2nd I.D.A. (State Qualifier)
Landon Slipke – 2nd Informative (State Qualifier)
Leif Carlson/Cody O’Hare – 2nd Duet (State Qualifier)
Neysa Carlson – 2nd Humorous Solo (State Qualifier)
Steve Cummings – 2nd Prose (State Qualifier)
Brionnah Fessler – 2nd Oration (State Qualifier)
Morgan Farber – 3rd Informative
Lauren Mordecai – 3rd Serious Solo
Landon Slipke/Lauren Mordecai – 6th Duet

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Forensics Wins MCL


MCL League Forensics @ Hill City 

1st Norton – 384
2nd Smith Center – 237
3rd Phillipsburg – 130

Individual Placings:
Jared Shelton/Shelby Mulford – 1st Duet (State Qualifier)
Neysa Carlson – 1st Humorous Solo (State Qualifier) 
Steve Cummings – 1st Poetry (State Qualifier) 
Brionnah Fessler – 1st Oration (State Qualifier) 
Lauren Mordecai – 1st Serious Solo (State Qualifier) 
Ashley Hildebrand/Skylar Davis – 2nd Duet (State Qualifier) 
Leif Carlson – 2nd Extemporaneous (New State Qualifier) 
Jared Shelton – 2nd Serious Solo (State Qualifier) 
Morgan Farber – 2nd Informative (State Qualifier)
Neysa Carlson – 2nd Poetry  (State Qualifier) 
Layton Miller – 2nd Humorous Solo (New State Qualifier) 
Cody O'Hare/Rachel Jones – 3rd Improvised Duet Acting
Burgundy Sorter – 3rd Prose 
Raenee Patterson – 3rd Informative
Shelby Mulford – 3rd Extemporaneous
Ashley Hildebrand – 4th Prose
Raenee Patterson – 4th Oration 

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Forensics Wins at Hoisington


Forensics at Hoisington--Saturday, March 8
Team Results
1st Norton – 180
2nd Hodgeman County - 169
3rd Sterling - 160

Individual Places:
Landon Slipke – 1st Informative (State Qualifier)
Leif Carlson/Cody O’Hare – 1st Duet (State Qualifier)
Shauna Gibson – 1st Serious Solo (New State Qualifier)
Neysa Carlson – 1st Humorous Solo (State Qualifier)
Steve Cummings – 1st Poetry (State Qualifier)
Kennedy Leibbrandt – 1st Oration (State Qualifier)
Lauren Mordecai – 2nd Serious Solo (State Qualifier)
Kennedy Leibbrandt – 2nd Extemporaneous (New State Qualifier)
Cody O’Hare/Rachel Jones – 3rd Improvised Duet Acting
Landon Slipke/Lauren Mordecai – 3rd Duet
Ashley Hildebrand – 4th Prose (State Qualifier)
Ashley Hildebrand/Skylar Davis – 5th Duet
Layton Miller – 5th Humorous Solo
Brian Clavijo – 6th Serious Solo
Ty Burns – 8th Poetry 

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NCHS Forensics Results from Osborne


Osborne Forensics Tournament 2014

Team Results
1st Norton – 182
2nd Ellis – 97
3rd Sylvan/Lucas – 91

Individual Places:
Ashley Hildebrand/Skylar Davis  – 1st Place Duet (New State Qualifier)
Jared Shelton – 1st Serious Solo (State Qualifier)
Morgan Farber – 1st Informative Speaking (New State Qualifier)
Neysa Carlson – 1st Poetry (New State Qualifier)
Burgundy Sorter – 1st Prose (New State Qualifier)
Brionnah Fessler – 1st  Oration (New State Qualifier)
Ashley Hildebrand – 2nd Prose (New State Qualifier)
Jared Shelton/Shelby Mulford – 2nd Duet (State Qualifier)

Audrie Burge/Rachel Koerperich – 2nd Improvised Duet Acting (New State Qualifier)
Shelby Mulford – 2nd Extemp (New State Qualifier)
Kennedy Leibbrandt – 2nd Oration (State Qualifier)

Ty Burns – 3rd Poetry 
Hannah Pollock – 3rd Informative
Rachel Koerperich – 3rd Humorous Solo
Shauna Gibson – 4th Poetry 
Shauna Gibson – 4th Serious Solo
Neysa Carlson – 4th Humorous Solo
Kennedy Leibbrandt – 4th Extemp
Jena Risewick – 4th Informative
Audrie Burge – 5th Serious Solo

Ty Burns – 6th Humorous Solo
Kyle Bell – 6th Serious Solo
Kirstin Georgeson  6th Informative
Ruby Shirley – 6th Prose

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47th Annual Heller Halloween Festival to Take Place October 24, 2013


October 14, 2013 – Norton, Kansas – The Halloween Parade and Wiener Roast will be held Thursday, October 24, 2013 in downtown Norton. The Norton Volunteer Fire Department and the Norton Area Chamber of Commerce will again co-sponsor the event. Participants in the parade are asked to assemble downtown at 5:45pm. Tara Vance, Executive Director of the Chamber of Commerce, ... Read More »

Tennis 3rd at Colby


Colby Tennis Invitational Saturday September 7, 2013Team results1st      Phillipsburg  182nd     Ulysses        143rd tie Norton         133rd tie Tribune        ... Read More »

Cross Country Opens Season with Wins


On Thursday, September 5, the NCHS Cross Country team opened the 2013 season by hosting the Norton Invitational. It was a great start for the Jays, as both the boys and girls teams were victorious. This marks the 8th consecutive girls victory and the 5... Read More »

Changes Coming To The Norton Farmer’s Market


August 6, 2013 – Norton, Kansas – The 2013 Norton Farmer’s Market announces an updated 2013 season, intended to increase sales and sustainability within the Market. Time and Place The Farmer’s Market is now located on Highway 36 across from Shopko. The location was chosen because Highway 36 carries 80% of Norton’s thoroughfare traffic. The park area by the highway ... Read More »

Emergency Snow Routes


The City of Norton is asking residents to remove their vehicles from the Emergency Snow Routes as soon as possible, to keep the streets clear for emergency vehicles.  It may be tonight or tomorrow before the plows are out, but get these vehicles moved now before the heavy snow hits later today and tomorrow. Read More »

Save The Norton Taco Bell


The Taco Bell part of our Pizza Hut/Wing Street restaurant is in jeopardy of being lost again. YUM! Brands, Inc., owners of Taco Bell and Pizza Hut say they plan to close the Norton Taco Bell. Norton had this same situation several years ago and through an intensive letter writing campaign persuaded YUM! Brands, Inc. to keep our Taco Bell ... Read More »

Norton Taco Bell in Jeopardy


This is from the discovernorton.com website: Norton’s Taco Bell in jeopardy The Taco Bell part of our Pizza Hut/Wing Street restaurant is in jeopardy of being lost again. YUM! Brands, Inc., owners of Taco Bell and Pizza Hut say they plan to close the Norton Taco Bell. Norton had this same situation several years ago and through an intensive letter ... Read More »